CrackShield Basement Foundation Wall Crack Repairs

Basement Foundation Wall Crack Repairs

The foundation wall crack repair system by CrackShield is the strongest and most reliable wall crack repair solution on the market today. Unlike other crack repair methods, CrackShield has developed a system that combines two unique processes for a comprehensive approach to restoring leaky, wet, and cracked foundation walls.  This unique patented repair system is available exclusively through our trained dealer network in the United States, Canada and Europe.

Foundation wall cracks are a result of soil underneath the home or structure shifting or settling and possibly expanding. As the soil moves underneath the home the foundation footing shifts as well becoming unstable and causing cracks in the walls of the structure.  Then when rain water or moisture penetrates these cracks you have a wet basement, moisture and mold or your finished basement becomes a mess with rotten drywall, wood damage, flooded carpet and mold problems. 

When foundation wall cracks occur the specific type of wall crack can help determine exactly what caused the problem and how it should be repaired. Different cracks are indicators of different types of stress and will therefore have a different solutions.

It is important to have foundation wall cracks repairs as quickly as possible because of the potential seepage of water and soil gases into the home. Wall cracks also degrade the stability of the structure and having those wall cracks repaired by CrackShield ensures your peace of mind.

Call or email the certified CrackShield dealer in your area. Our Dual Process foundation wall crack repair process is the strongest and most effective solution available. Find the CrackShield dealer in your area and call today!!

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